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Telecine Engineer, Hollywood, CA

Telecine Engineer needed for Hollywood facility with Ursa, DaVinci DUI
and, if available, Pogle ESR experience.  We use Digital Vision 4:4:4
noise reduction, TWiGi, Evertz Keykode and TLC machine control
525 Post is a leading telecine, editing and compositing facility.  We
need an Engineer to work with our Senior Telecine Engineer in our
three Gold Ursa suites.

We offer very competitive health, dental and optical plans along with
401K plans.  We are looking for the right person interested in working
with the latest telecine equipment and with some of the best Colorists
around.  We do studio, network and advertising client work.

Our company has three Henry suites, three Ursa telecines and five SGI
Inferno suites offering our Clients very high quality 601 and film
resolution products.  Please browse our web site at 525post.com for
some of our work and credits.

Please contact:
Dennis Morton
VP Engineering
525 Post Production
6424 Santa Monica Blvd.
Hollywood, CA  90038
(213) 525-1234 V
(213) 467-1589 F
dmorton at 525post.com

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