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Re: Teleshade filter/Masking values

Dave Corbitt wrote:
> Masking is the key to good color separation on any Cintel telecine as I've
> said many times.  Unfortunately it looks like Cintel still doesn't set them
> properly.  We have just received a new URSA Diamond in the past few weeks
> and the preset mask values are horrible to say the least.  


This is surprising to hear.  Peter Swinson was in here a few weeks ago
and I mentioned  that I was using a Custom Masking setting because
Cintel's settings were incorrect.  He was surprised, saying that Cintel
had set up their Mask values using the same Vision Taf I was using. 
When I told him we recently installed the Teleshade filter he
recommended using Mask 3, as this was set up using  this filter.

I compared the Vision Taf using my Custom Mask to Cintel's Mask 3 and
found them to be almost the same.  I never compared Masking 1 before I
put the Teleshade filter in so I can't say if it's accurate, but I would
guess if you have an Ursa Diamond with the Teleshade filter installed
Mask 3 should be valid.

Chris Ryan
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