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Re: Color Spaceing Problem in Flame/Fire/Inferno

When there was an Editel Chicago, we spent a long time "evaluating" Flame
and dismissing it for the reasons you site among others.  While we stood on
our high ground dismissing Discreet as serious because of this problem -
the rest of the market leapt at the toolset Flame offered and put it to
good use.  Editel Chicago went from being the first in the market to aquire
and push new technology to the very last people in town to get Flame... to
existing no more.

In reality the delay in getting Flame was not the reason Editel Chicago
went out of business, nor was the color space issue the main reason we
didn't get Flame for so long (the owners in NY had no idea about the
Chicago market and no interest in listening to people who did - don't get
me started on this topic).

My real point is there are hundreds of Flames in use around the world doing
great work and people deal with the color space issues.  If you control the
transfer your colorists can transfer within the limits of the problem.  If
you get an out of limit, out of house tape the suggestion that was posted
here of using a small color correcter on the input of Sirius to bring down
the levels to within range, then reverse the process on the way out is done
all the time.

No, it is not ideal.  Yes, I also continue to be amazed that an industry
that would never have allowed Quantel or any other "video" vendor to get
away with this allowed this product to succeed and dominate. The fact is in
todays computer world dealing with translations between color spaces is
just part of the game.  Film Rez work brings new color space entertainment
with Linear and Log space, 8,10,12,16bit.

I'm sure your competition is thrilled that you are going to hold off buying
Discreet products until the color problem is resolved to your satisfaction.

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Jeff Heusser
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Jeff Heusser    jeffh1 at primenet.com     http://www.primenet.com/~jeffh1

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