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Singing fat ladies

To the group,

            As one who has been comparing CRT scanning to Line and 
Field array scanning, at 1080I for the last 4 and 1/2 YEARS(!), I must 
say the adoration of Spirit is a bit confusing to me. I have seen the 
CRT based scanning, with all its supposed (and real) limitations hold 
it's own if not better the newer technologies. The questions you should 
be asking yourselves are not whether the Spirit is better than your 
URSA's, but whether it is better than what CRT scanning is capable of. 
The MKIII HD at MCA will, in downconversion, have your URSA's for 
lunch, as well.  The one thing we can be mad at Cintel for is not 
bringing their technology up to date in the last decade. If it turns 
out that a $(US)400,000 upgrade to an old (and paid for) MKIII gets you 
state of the art 1080I pictures, this can give a significant advantage 
on the business side of things.
            Anyone not asking the right questions and getting honest 
answers to them may very well be watching the rest of us from the 
sidelines in a couple of years.


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