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RE: On The Soapbox (was singing fat ladies)

Christopher Bacon wrote:
	All this talk of The Spirit vs. everything else under the sun...
	... Unless somebody wheels one telecine out the door and brings
	another one in, without changing anything else in the suite, and

	transfers the same film on the second one as on the first, this
	cannot avoid being subjective...

Strangely enough, that is exactly what happened here at Encore Santa
Monica, home of Spirit-happy Bob Festa. In one suite, we rolled an Ursa
Diamond out and rolled a Spirit in. (This was NOT done because we gave
up on Cintel but because one of our esteemed competitor's Diamonds
happened to need a temporary home: long, strange story )

I assure you that Mr. Festa's recent observations come from a Spirit
suite that is virtually identical to the Ursa Diamond suite that he left
behind 1 door away. The only difference in the video path is 8:4:4
instead of 4:4:4 from telecine to daVinci. (paste a Dave Satin style
list here ) I'm sure that this scene is similar at many facilities.
Our engineering team has done many same-film comparisons and the our
consensus has ranged from no apparent difference to astonishment at
Spirit qualities such as no noise, perfect geometry, and black detail.
Please see Bob Festa's postings for Encore's colorist & client opinions.

If Dave Satin's beer budget holds out, maybe we will see a detailed list
of which film/exposure/color correction combinations reveal the
differences between the Diamond and the Spirit. This might help a
C-Reality/Spirit comparison as well.

I receive no compensation from Cintel or Philips. (Do Christmas cards

Randy Reck
Chief Telecine Engineer
Encore Santa Monica

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