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RE>The Fat Lady (again)

Kris Kolodziejski wrote:

>We use the Spirit without NR. The little grain that shows even on 500asa
>35mm is not obtrusive, more like a "soft texture" we think. No clients
>have asked for NR. 
>We have the theory that the soft lighsource of the Spirit helps
>"concealing" the grain, which in it's nature is 3 dimensional, just like
>it conseals the scratches and dirt. Any comments on this?

Hi Kris:

I agree with your Spirit observations as they apply to beautifully exposed film.
However, I think that grain can be quite apparent in film that has been pushed in the lab or under and over-exposed in the camera.   
My comments in an earlier posting were meant to convey that the amount
of noise/grain reduction to be used depended upon the individual piece of
film.  That could be little to no reduction on one piece of film, and alot more  noise/grain reduction on another with less than ideal properties. 

Lynette Duensing
Telecine Colorist
The Filmworkers Club/Chicago

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