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Re[5]: On The Soapbox (was singing fat ladies)

Rob asks: 
Dom, would you honor us with a report on this affair for the TIG 
subscribers unable to attend?
     You forget that I have the distinct privilege of working with one of 
     the masters of TIG information, the all wise and all powerful Chris 
     Bacon. I would never presume to overstep my limits as a simple paper 
     pusher and enter into the world of techno talk. I leave that to people 
     more talented than me ( don't you love the way I just nominated 
     The more I think about Daves' offer the more I like it. I will call 
     him in a day or two to see if it really is feasible. We would have to 
     be very flexible and maybe even do it on a Saturday morning so as not 
     to interfere with SMA making money.     
     Domenic Rom

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