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Primetime, '79, Ursa Diamond, pushing, and Black and white.

Saw the footage from the shoot day, using Primetime, 7279, 7277, and good ole
double-x. Everything in the night club pushed one stop. Used an Ursa Diamond,
with DVNR. Sadly didn't get a chance to see the images with the DVNR off, but
It looked really good with it on. All film was developed within 24-36 hours
prior to being transfered. didn't actually check the D-min to confirm that the
pushed stock was pushed, believing the lab on that one.
Warned the colorist ahead of time about the primetime. They found the TAF
setup film for it, and it seemed to make a difference. There was little
difference between the Primetime, and the "79. Personally I thought the
Primetime "SAW" a little more into the blacks than the '79. That is the best
way I can describe it. Visually I thought it gave a better look, however the
'79 is more of what I would expect a dark night club to look like. There was
also some '79 that was shot and not pushed, however the lighting conditions
and locations were very different, so no real comparisons could be made
between the pushed, and the non-pushed stock. Although I didn't notice a big
difference in the grain, still we did not do a split screen.
By the way, The double X pushed one stop, really held up well. Even outside
using existing light at night. Just had to be careful to frame it properly. We
did have one shot with two cameras going at once, one color and one 
B + W. For this shot we used one very strong ( a relative term) sun gun
lighting from the side. Personally I thought the Double X had more character (
fit the mood of the lighting) better than the "79. however that could just be
me, I love Black and White. This is totally subjective, with no sort of
control or comparrison. It was a documentary shoot, so didn't have time for
real light measurements, and transfering to video played a big part in this
I'm sure, also had a good colorist ( gentle, yet firm). Still it does involve
Primetime and we did use the "new" kid on the block the URSA Diamond. SO I
thought I'd share.

I don't work for either Film or Telecine Manufacturers.
Steven Gladstone

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