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Re: Let them sing!

At 10:15 AM 1/12/98, Ron Martin wrote:

>I challenge Cintel and Phillips to arrange a time, invite their favorite
>colorists / engineers and engage in battle to do a shootout of
>performance at HDTV resolutions.

Ron, if we couch this in the combative terms of a "shootout", then I can't
blame either manufacturer for refusing to participate. If we recognize it
for what it is: a close comparison of the absolute state of the art of two
different approaches to solving the same problem; then there is a slight
Which one is "better" will depend on observer, material, application,
finances, clientele and personal experience.

Personally, I'd love to see both machines in close proximity with the same
material. But a shootout? That would just leave two gravely wounded

....Come to think of it, we should all get together at NAB, and gravely
wound some shots ourselves! Make mine Cuervo 1800, please.

Hasta la vista

Mike Orton

| "I do not distinguish by the eye, but by the mind,      |
|   which is the proper judge of the man."                |
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