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Transfomania I

Well, you wanted it, and now you have it!

All subscibers to the Telecine Internet Group, and any other 
interested parties are cordially invited to a demonstration and 
comparison of the Ursa Gold and Spirit Datacine installations at 
SMA Video.

Participants are invited to bring their 35mm OCN, IP, or Print to SMA 
on Saturday, 31 January 1998 starting at 3:00pm. Recording of the 
transferred material, not to exceed 5 minutes in length, may be 
accomplished on D1, D2, DigiBeta, DCT, Beta SP or Umatic. Please 
bring your own stock to record on. Additionally, Stills may taken and 
stored as Pict files on Syquest, Jaz, or Zip drives. 

I will say it again: If you wish to record, you *must* supply your 
own media!

Beer will be supplied by SMA, Chips, etc will be supplied by DuArt, 
and a fun time will be had by all.

To all you marketing types: this is a scientific demonstration, not a 
sales opportunity.

Please contact Alan Rosenfeld (Alan.Rosenfeld at smavid.com) with  
RSVPs or Questions.

 Hope to see you all there!

Dave Satin
Executive Vice President       212.226.7474/V
Director of Engineering        212.941.0439/F
SMA Video Inc.

100 6th Avenue 10th Floor
New York, N.Y. 10013-1689

thanks to Rod Wayne and SanLab Systems for support in 1998
no product marketing allowed on the main TIG.  Contact rob at alegria.com
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