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Re: Transfomania I

At 4:48 PM 1/19/98, Dave.Satin at SMAvid.com wrote:

>Participants are invited to bring their 35mm OCN, IP, or Print to SMA
>on Saturday, 31 January 1998 starting at 3:00pm. Recording of the
>transferred material, not to exceed 5 minutes in length, may be
>accomplished on D1, D2, DigiBeta, DCT, Beta SP or Umatic. Please
>bring your own stock to record on. Additionally, Stills may taken and
>stored as Pict files on Syquest, Jaz, or Zip drives.

Shoot! I can't make this date. Can anyone else go from LA? If not would BT
or DC (both well known on the Left Coast) be able to attend and give us a

Speak out please, Gentlemen, your audience awaits!


P.S. maybe videoconferencing would work? Any takers?

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