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Re: Transfomania

On Wed, 21 Jan 1998 11:11:27 -0500  Phil Mendelson wrote:

>Wouldn't it be nice nice if there were standardization between telco
>digital video service codecs?  I, for one would chip in for some Vyvx time
>so that we in LA could all gather together in one place and watch this by
>Alas.....I don't think New York's using RE America component service.....,
>and the Nortel composite stuff would not be adequate for quality judgements.

Well, Vyvx is as close to standard as you get... if SMA has a con-
nection to The Switch or Waterfront via their own codecs and fiber,
then a Vyvx link is entirely feasible, but alas, NTSC only...  and
you'll have to hock the Porsche.

Perhaps another way to handle this is for you folks to chip in for
some D1 stock and ask Dave to record the proceedings (program out
on video, ambient mics for audio), and review the result in your
own rooms... not as interactive, but at least you'll get a first-
hand look at the raw data.

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