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re: Re: Transfomania I

Hooray for Dave Satin opening his place up for the likes of this group. I'm
planning to go.  I think we should try to come up with some kind of outline
of items we all would like to see compared.  Right off the bat I can think
of a few important areas to watch closely;

1.	Image stability for both 16 and 35mm.  Servo action / film handling.

2.	Consistency of color from scene to scene of a "Timed" IP roll.

3.	Noise artifacts--Blue sky in negative comes to mind (don't confuse
this with film grain).

4.	Visibility of film grain and / or surface texture of the film.

5.	Colorimetry accuracy (RGB display of various TAF films)

6.	Transfer Characteristic or gamma curve (TAF again, use the grey
scale chips)

7.	Ringing on sharp edged transitions.

8.	Resolution and flatness of focus. Image geometry.

9.	Aliasing and how to deal with it.

10.	Extraneous artifacts (tube grain, fixed pattern noise, etc.)

11.	Overall subjective image impressions that hopefully can be
expressed with objective language and quantities.

12.	Ease of setup and operation.

Sounds like a fun time.  Hope to see at least some of you all there.

Dave Corbitt

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