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Re: Re: Transfomania I

bob at bluescreen.com wrote:

>I understand there are going to be "Transformania 1 - Feel the Magic '98"
>leather jackets for all attendees.

It was very nice of Cintel and Philips to offer to pay for them...  
thanks, guys!  Make mine XL.  ;-)  
But I think leather is out -- Dave Satin is insisting on satin, for some 

But there is a hang-up -- some want the jackets to say "Feel the 
Reality!" and others want it to say "Feel the Spirit!" -- I think the 
compromise jacket is going to say "Spirit of Reality."  

John Snopes
Wish I could attend, too...
But I'm in Muncie, Indiana.

thanks to Aine Marsland and Pandora International in 1998...
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