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Re: Transfomania I

Dave Corbitt wrote:
>Hooray for Dave Satin opening his place up for the likes of this group. 

I think that Dave has compiled an excellent list of things to check, and I
certainly wish I could be there.  I applaud the test, but I would also like
to see how a HD Rank (like the one Lou uses at the Universal HDTV center)
would compare, and how a CReality will compare.  Perhaps film transferred
during the Transfomania I tests could be recorded to D1 or D5, so that the
results could be later compared to transfers from a Turbo III HD, and
CReality.  Perhaps Transomania II?  It would be ideal if transfers could be
done by the same colorist on all machines and then an ABCD or X double blind
test performed. (i.e. is it A,is it B,...,or which one?).  It would be
interesting to set up some sort of kiosk at NAB (or elsewhere), and let
people switch between feeds (from four tapes) and vote for their preference
without knowing which machine was which. Oh well, that's enough fantasy. ;-)
No mater which machine might win, or tie, the ultimate decision will be
driven by market perception, the client's perception of "bang for the buck",
and the salesman's ability to pry the client's wallet open a little wider.
This may not be the same for all clients, because commericial clients may
demand one machine, while feature clients may prefer something entirely
different.  Perhaps there will be a nostolgic yearing (like the "GLASS
AUDIO" tubeheads) for "GLASS VIDEO" (i.e. CRTs).  I would not yet dismiss
the potential of the Turbo III HD.  I understand that some really good
things are about to come.  I've also heard the CReality looks quite
impressive, also.  It's never over until it's over. And then again, it
probably won't ever be over, because that fat lady never was much for being
able to carry a tune! ;-)

Craig Nichols
Todd-AO Video Services
craign at todd-ao.com

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