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NAB (call for info)

The annual National Association of Broadcasters convention is about 10
weeks away, so I'll be preparing soon the fourth annual 'TIG NAB
Telecine Focus Sheet' or TIGNABTFS for short.

The TIGNABTFS will be posted in a monthly draft --one for February,
one for March-- with the final TIGNABTFS posted to the TIG the 2nd of
April (I skipped April 1 :]).

The TIGNABTFS is meant to be a short outline of equipment worthy of
notice at NAB for TIG subscribers.  Items new for 1998 will be so
noted on the sheet; booth numbers and contacts will also be listed.

If you're a manufacturer and would like to be included, send your
details to me, and please keep them extremely brief.  Last year's
sheet, for an example, is at


...this year I'd like to list one contact at each booth for each
manufacturer, so please include this information.

thank you.
TIG administrator

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thanks to Aine Marsland and Pandora International in 1998...
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