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Re: New Cintel Ad

I just got the new issue of Millimeter, and there's a new pro-film Cintel 
ad, which praises CRT transfers over CCD transfers.  Fair enough.

However, the ad's iconography is a bit confusing.  Since the point of the 
ad is that CRTs are good (and CCDs are less good), why have the little 
cartoon character in the ad -- "Jonathan" -- holding his foot in pain 
after kicking in, believe it or not,  a CRT???!!

Yes, the CRT he smashes is on a TV set rather than a Cintel telecine, but 
this is a very very odd subliminal message, I think... 

Perhaps Cintel's new ad agency is a Philips subsidiary? ;-)

Anyone else see this, and have a similar reaction?

John Snopes
(The sort of person the ad is aimed at, in Muncie, Indiana.)

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