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Re: Egg shell look

There are a few ways to achieve what you are looking for:

Use a filter from South London Filters directly in your machine:
Black Super mist for Neg and White super mist for pos (I haven't tried this on
Using a K-scope
I use an Alladin switcher, defocus the luminance key and sling it ontop of the
image. This works well.  I can obviously do the same from a tape.  The
limitation I have is how out of focus I can get the lum key.

Good luck.


Fyvie,Suart and Maura wrote:

> Does anyone have any ideas on how to achieve an 'eggshell'
> or 'satin/ de-focus sheen' to a telecine transfers. Are pro-mist filters
> a good idea or is there a way to achieve it electronically? (using a mkIII)

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