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marketing (was: aaton/ARRI code)

On Jan 22, 15:31, "Phil Budden" wrote:
} Subject: aaton/ARRI code verses doing it by hand

> advertising is not allowed!  ....Hmmm. that's going to be difficult!

shouldn't be too difficult.  For clarification: manufacturers are free
to respond to questions regarding their products on this mailinglist,
*however*: they are asked to keep their postings free of marketing
language and pricing.. there is an accepted forum for the latter, the
telecine-announce group.  Additionally it should be noted that of
course any manufacturer may respond *directly* to the original posting
TIG subscriber with whatever marketing-oriented language they want--
the internet is a tremendous tool for communication, many companies
could benefit from some education in how to use it effectively.

any manufacturer unsure of the location of the line not to be crossed,
or the tenor of a particular posting, is free to send it to me first
for review.

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