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Re: Re: aaton/ARRI code verses doing it by hand

Steven Gladstone wrote:
>My friends own a flatbed. It is a lot Cheaper to cut that way, compared to
>renting an Avid. Even if you rent a steenbeck.

Yes the Steenbeck is still a great way to cut - and in itself its
inexpensive - but don't forget the cost of the extra film shot on slates,
workprint, the mag film, spacer, tape, the neg match and then either the
print or telecine transfer still has to be done.
Inexpensive I don't think so - theraputic and a wonderful experience yes!

>Any way, if you are using the Aaton, or Arri system of burning in time code
>numbers, do you have to have pre-roll for the camera? Or is it similar to
>using a smart/dumb slate and only the sound has to pre-roll?

Its a choice how you want to work:
OPTION #1 PreRoll on both picture and sound (5-6 seconds) which is
basically the same time as a normal slate - so some do it anyway - for non
stop DAT sync in telecine. This is preferred by the drama people as the
clack of the slate is a great attention getter.

OPTION #2 PreRoll on sound only 6-8 seconds with no pre roll on picture but
you do have to stop in telecine on most shots to autolock the sound and
grade the shot. My preference for commercial work going straight to tape.

OPTION #3 No pre roll on picture or sound - transferred mute in telecine
but with KeyLink reading the codes and creating the database - then let
AVID auto sync it.
I must admit to never using that one.

OPTION #4 No PreRoll on Picture or Sound but using the Keylink generated 3
line VITC to sync it through AATONs new INDAW box but the sound must be
loaded prior to the transfer.
I must admit to only doing this once because I had to give the INDAW back,
but we've had one on order ever since - hurry up JP!
It could also be auto synced from the videotape carrying the 3 line VITC
after the transfer. Certainly at our place, non linear syncing will become
mandatory in telecine as soon as we can get it.

>Thanks for the info if you can share. BTW that was a very detailed post.
Thanks Steven

Best regards

John Bowring
Lemac Film & Video, Australia
jbowring at lemac.com.au    www.lemac.com.au/~lemac
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