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Re: aaton/ARRI code verses the steenbeck

J Snopes <JSnopes at aol.com> writes:

>Well, I know some documentary filmmakers who still cut on Steenbecks, and
>still think that syncing up all their own rushes (sans assistant, sans
>time code) is important -- they feel that they learn the footage, and it
>keeps them from shooting stupidly in the future, as they'll have to sync
>it all up!

>Ah, these Luddites are so disciplined!

Its not only Luddites that love Steenbecks - I spent enough years on them
trying to sort out other peoples disasters.

An editor friend of mine, who complained to a certain cameraman that he was
not shooting slates was aghast when the next days rushes turned up with an
entire roll on a slate.
The note in the can said "use as required!"

They wouldn't sack him because he was such a brilliant cameraman - and
needless to say he didn't give any more slates but he saved a hell of a lot
of film!

On docos - timecode makes it so, so much easier - I would NEVER shoot
another one without it unless it was all mute.


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