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Re: J Snopes - AatonCode doing it by hand

>J Snopes <JSnopes at aol.com> wrote:

> Very simple to sync up!  Personally I think the best way is to work on
>an Avid, conform workprint as you go along so you can project, and you
>can always cut on the flatbed, too.  All this would be easier if
>Aatoncode was easy to print, so it could be read easily off of cut

Yes - but AATONCODE is easy to print - you'll get it on your workprint
whether you want it or not - and because it is both machine readable and
eye readable clear numbers - so you can very easily create an EDL by hand!

AatonCode on 16mm is printed in that nice safe piece of real estate between
the perforations - Arricode on the other had is not so workprint friendly -
in fact theirs not a lab in Australia that can print it!  It is located on
the opposite 'thin edge' of the 16mm film on an area that used to support
and transport the film. This can results in it wearing out and becoming
unreadable. Arricode is NOT eye readable.

Best regards

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