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Re: Give Thanks

Juanjo, thanks for your letter, your English is fine, and I'll cc: it
below to the TIG.

On Jan 24,  4:15, Juanjo wrote:
Subject: Give Thanks
Madrid, 24th January 1,998
 Dear Sir:

 	The last year, I was doing a work about telecines. This work
was necessary to obtain the title of Sound and Image Engineer by the
Escuela Universitaria de Telecomunicacio'n (Universidad Polite'cnica
de Madrid).  I asked help to Telecine Internet Group, and a lot of of
people of this group around the world send me information about the
telecines. I have finished my work, and now, I am Sound & Image
Enginer, and I want to give thanks to Internet Telecine Group for the

 	Sincerely,	Juan Jose' Fuentetaja
 			C/Julia Mediavilla, 40
 			28018 Madrid (Spain)
 			e-mail: fjuanjo at arrakis.es
P.S.: Sorry for my terrible English.
}-- End of excerpt from Juanjo

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