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Your assistance, please.

	After seeing the message earlier today, thought I'd put his here before I
find out I can't.  I need your help with a survey.  If you answer the
following questions and e-mail this back to me, I'd appreciate it.  Please
keep your responses to about 25 to 30 words per section.  The responses should
be your very own personal opinions.  None of your responses will be used
without your permission.  If you would like help in expressing your opinions,
please feel free to contact me via e-mail and I'll call you, if it is in North
America.  Thanks.    Larry

Full Name:
City & State:
Telephone number where I can be reached: 
1.    What's going to be hot at NAB '98?

2.    What's not going to be hot at NAB '98 that has been in the past?

3.    What I'll be looking for at NAB '98:

4.    What I don't think will be at NAB '98 that I'd like to see:

5.    The conference sessions I want to attend:

6.    Where I recommend hanging out after hours:

7.    My tips for first-time attendees:

8a.   What's the biggest obstacle to your facility building DTV?
8b.   And what will your facility do to overcome it? 

9a.   What DTV products are you looking for at NAB?
9b.   Will you be making any purchase decision at NAB?

10. When was the last time you attended NAB?


Thanks -  Larry

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