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UK transfer help sought

this was in the TIG guestbook yesterday:

From: moreton.intermedia at dial.pipex.com (Richard Street)

UK Facilities,esp. Midlands: can you help? Ex-BBC Presentation
Director very urgently wants abt. 2 hrs. transfer time, 16mm to (say)
Digibeta. Amateur /semi-prof. familly material needed for memorial
service next week (3 Feb). I'm based in Cotswolds. Please call Richard
on 01386 700810 or 0973 721880.  Thanks for allowing me into your
Richard Street <moreton.intermedia at dial.pipex.com>
 - Wednesday, January 28, 1998 at 00:03:08 (PST)

--- End of forwarded message from moreton.intermedia at dial.pipex.com
(Richard Street)

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