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Film Cores

Here are some replys from Kodak regarding the odd cores you received:

>It has recently been noted here in the Los Angeles area that at least
>one major film lab is delivering Neg and Print on a "new type" of film
>core.  The normal film core of 35 mm has a female slot to fit on the
>film platter with a male metal protrusion on the metal center hub.
>new type of film core in the center has both a female slot and a male
>protrusion.  It was explained that this new design of film core would
>have less slippage at the higher speeds that labs now operate.
>Of course what this means on the telecine machine and other equipment
>that the core will not fit.  The metal hub of the platter must have a
>female slot milled in it to fit the new male pattern.

>What is the rest of the world doing?  Are labs going to adopt this with

>greater frequency?  Is this also available in 16mm?  Is anybody seeing
>this core outside of LA?

>Regards, Bill

Bev Pasterczyk notes that this is a custom core, designed for use within
single lab.  The male protrusion is deliberately there to make the core
incompatible with all but specific equipment designed for this core.
incompatible core prevents accidental mixup of processed negatives
the lab handling.  Normally, this type of core should never find its way

out of the lab, as the lab ships all film on standard cores.

What customers are using these cores, that have both a slot and a
key?  I haven't seen or heard of one like Bill Hogan describes.  From
description, it may not fit alot of equipment besides telecines. Who is
supplier?  Could we obtain a sample?

Is this ours or is it a cunning ploy by a lab in LA to retain post


David Donaldson
Atlab New Zealand

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