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Rob Lingelbach wrote:
> Today I had to do frame-by-frame reposition work on a couple of
> product shots... the client changed his mind about the beginning and
> end positions a few times, so I must have run over the same short
> piece of negative 30 to 40 times.  I shudder to think what would
> happen with a sprocket-driven transport on the priceless negative.
Those of you on the North American continent were not exposed to earlier
versions of the flying spot telecine, 'cos it didn't work at 60Hz frame
rates. I, however, used to use a Rank Cintel MkII 35mm transport to
transfer original neg. (grading decisions were committed to punch tape
via a device known as Autocolourgrade). The design of the transport
dated back to the late '40's, although purchased in the mid 70's, and
even though I used to panic every single time that I laced film on the
machine, and despite the 4lb (that's about 2Kg) inertia rollers fitted
before and after the gate I very rarely scratched any film. Yes, these
machines were (sort of) sprocket driven and, no I could not do any frame
by frame repo work but even getting the grade right was a trial - these
early machines did not give a sensible still frame.

And you tell the kids of today that, and they won't believe you.

I look forward to a similar showdown between Spirit and C-Reality as has
just happened in New York between a Spirit and an Ursa Gold
(mmmmm...Diamond if you will) because then we will be comparing like
machines. Somebody said (way back in this thread) - Chris perhaps? -
that all of us are facing major purchase decisions in the next few
months, and that those decisions will live with us for a while. I guess
the next couple of months will tell, and keep it up Phillips. Cintel
have had it on their for too long. 
Mal Todd

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