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RE>Re[3]: Transformania - the Color of Light

 >doesn't it use the sprocket holes to drive the film?  if so, how
     >can it be safe to use on transfers of original camera negative, wit
     >repeated passes?

Capstan based telecines are not too kind either, contrary to marketing hype. Having a driven rubber puck in contact with the precious negatives emulsion is not pleasant either, as used on Mk3 and Ursa's. Any slippage could cause scratches or cinch marks.
With C-Reality this has been changed so that the wrap does not place the emulsion in contact with the capstan. At last!!
Slamming any system before trying it is a little blinkered. If it was proposed that we drive film by bearing a rubber wheel onto the negative emulsion then I'm sure there would be howls of protest from the TIG.....but this is how these machines work.
I think sprocket drive could be a viable option as no emulsion area is touched which is a good start!
There are good designs and bad designs of any systems.
A good design should cover multiple pass operations. 
Sprocket drive has a valuable life yet in imaging. Please don't trash it.

Paul Grace - Rushes London

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