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Transformania - the Color of Light

In referring to the Sony Multi Resolution Telecine, John Snopes wrote:

> But I believe that machine, to be charitable, has some odd design 
> concepts -- really it's a 1997 version of a film chain, complete with 
> intermittent movement (OK, it's pin registered, and can handle
> but I'd hate to see it shuttle) 

Not wishing to offend Mr Snopes, I would just like to clarify one point.
The Sony telecine does not and will not be using a 'Pin Registration'
system. It does use a combination of continuous and intermittent motion
sprocketed drive rollers, but the machine uses a newly developed OPS
(Optical Picture Stabilisation) system, which as someone later commented
uses the sprocket holes of the film itself to capacitively detect
positional errors in both the horizontal AND vertical planes. Weave and
jitter are then removed optically without stressing the film in any way.

Regards, a newly signed up TIG reader.

Stuart Monksfield
Product Manager, Sony Australia Ltd.

Thanks to Craig Nichols of Todd-AO for support in 1998.
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