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Re: daVinci School, the 2K, etc.

>For those who do not have EdWin yet, I have to tell you... it's going to be
>a great tool.

To All,

I just wanted to say that I have had the pleasure of using EdWin now for 
3 months and think it is the best new item daVinci has added since Power 
Windows.  I have heard people complain about it not doing enough, or that 
the softness of the windows is unacceptable; but I think until all of us 
DUI users can get our hands on the new 2K box EdWin is a must have item.

Before I go on, let me say I have no connection with daVinci whatsoever, 
other than using their products.

The ability to draw windows is only a fraction of what EdWin can do.  I 
use EdWin in some way or another on every job, in almost every scene.  

Some items of interest:

1) The ability to mask areas of the key input to isolate on specific 
areas of the picture.
2) Ouput of window shapes as key signals to a D1 switcher combined with 
an external D1 RGB color correcter to      create a second window without 
doing tape layoffs.
3) Travelling masks to prevent objects that pass through Window 
corrections from being effected.

I find new ways to use this tool every day, even to the extent of doing 
fixes normally associated with a Flame session.
In fact I recently did a job with a scene of a woman in front of a window 
drinking coffee.  The client request was to keep the woman and the room 
warm while making the image from the windows cool and wintery.

Of course this seemed impossible because the DP shot the scene with a 
tobacco filter.  But with EdWin, not only was I able to draw a matte 
around the woman to separate her from the window behind her, but tracking 
the window as her arms and the camera moved was easier than I could have 
imagined.  The clients were amazed, especially because I was able to save 
them costly graphics time in only 15 minutes of transfer time.

I just wanted to post this to thank daVinci for their excellent work and 
support on this product and to encourage all you DUI users to get it as 
soon as you can.

Thanks again,  

Chris Ryan
Nice Shoes

Thanks to Craig Nichols of Todd-AO for support in 1998.
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