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RE: Transformania - the Color of Light

> Rick Anthony wrote:
>  I may not be understanding this correctly, and if that is the case 
>  please excuse  my ignorance.  Would it not be better to have the film

>  running steady in the first please, rather than to have to correct
>  "problem" electronically?
Oh my god what dialogue have I started now ??

In answer to Rick's point, yes it would be nice to have no weave or
jitter in the first place to have to correct for, but life is not ideal
nor is my pay check! All transports suffer from it and each choses one
approach or another to remove it. The Sony approach is to detect
unwanted movements using a capacitive method, and to remove those
movements using the gathered data by applying it to an optical
correction system. By doing so, we have not subjected the film to any
'un-natural' lateral forces as it runs through the gate, forces which
when you think about it are opposing the 'natural' movement of the
sprocket holes as they mate with the sprockets. The film is left to take
the 'path of least resistance' as it passes through the gate which we
believe is, as I said, "less stressful".

So please be clear the detection is a capacitive (electrical) system,
and the correction is applied optically after the light has passed
through the film, and before it lands on the area array CCDs.

Just in case I mis-read the point and went off at a tangent - The reason
Sony use a intermittent drive is because we use area array CCDs not line
array CCDs, the frame therefore has to be stationary at the time of
exposure. There are a number of reasons why an area array is used but I
don't think you want to hear those right now.

I have to sign off now or I'll prattle on for ever on this getting
deeper and deeper involved, then get accused of marketing activities on
TIG. I hope this explanation is not seen as propaganda, it was not
intended to be?

Regards to all TIGers,

Stuart Monksfield
Sony Australia

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