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Sony Telecine

Hi all

Could someone who really knows answer a question for me?

Is the projector that is used in the much-touted Sony HD telecine not
essentially the same as that used in the Seiki/Ikegami film chain so highly
esteemed by Japanese houses?  Except for the capacito-opto scheme for
positional error compensation, it certainly sounds the same.

If so, it *is* (unless I'm badly mis-informed) a pin-registered device. 
The Seiki projector I've seen does have a non-pinned shuttle, but its
velocity will surely not take your breath away.  Its startup from still to
full play speed might, though.  Nothing else I've seen matches it.

I have no monetary or promotional interest in anything mentioned above.

Craig Fearing
Senior daVinci Customer Support Engineer  (Europe)
Paris, France

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