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New Film Cleaner

Scrubba dub dub,
Yes we bought a new film cleaner. Yes we were afraid to invest in a new
film cleaner. Yes we know noise reducers are doing a great job with dirt
and scratches these days.
Well we did it and I'm happy we have a device to clean film prior to any
electronic processing. I guess that shows a bit of a purist attitude. Oh
We bought a "Spectraclean" from San Lab Systems in Toronto. We're using 3M HFE
7100 solvent now and testing HFE 7200. The fluid is pricey but we don't use
a heckuvalot. We use the machine dry if we don't think we need fluid on a
film that hasn't been handled much. It works well. You may use alcohol in
it if you wish, but we have chosen not to for fire-safety and vapor
reasons. The 3M fluids are safe and virtually odorless. The machine is very
conservative with fluid application and should work well with new fluids
that may be developed. As I receive no compensation from the above
mentioned companies, I am going to not spend any more of my time writing
about this until they send cash. I'll gladly answer any questions privately.

Pete Jannotta
pj at skyview.com

Thanks to Craig Nichols of Todd-AO for support in 1998.
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