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My recent TIG postings

Dear John (Snopes) and Chris (Bacon),

Thanks for your replies and I very much like John's idea about tracking
in the telecine.

As one of you stated, there are a lot of people out there who have not
seen the Sony Telecine at one of its two public showings to date. I have
not seen it at the shows either nor have I ever been to SPE in Culver
City, but I have seen it in factory several times over the past few
months and I have learnt a lot about it and other telecines from our
design team in Japan and from reading the TIG reports.

Although my knowledge of the Sony Multi Resolution Telecine is
reasonably good, I am afraid that for commercial reasons (as well as my
own job security) I am not authorised to publicise this on such an open
forum as TIG - yet !

Please bear with us, there will be a machine to see at this years NAB,
and I hope we can answer more of your questions then or soon after.

From what I have learnt already, I personally believe our machine
will/should be taken very seriously. In the mean time, I think I should
take a more passive, listening role on TIG, and only chip in when I read
something that I know for a fact is incorrect.

Quietly yours,

Stuart Monksfield

Thanks to Craig Nichols of Todd-AO for support in 1998.
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