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Re: My recent TIG postings

Hi Stuart,

Just wanted to apologise in case you were "called on the carpet" for
mentioning anything about the Sony telecine on the TIG.  You can appreciate
our position: purchasing anything as big and expensive as a telecine is a
major issue for most post production facilities; we (professionally) have to
live with the consequences of these decisions--for better or worse--for a long
time.  So naturally we're nosey to find out all we can about everything that's
in the field!  

On the other hand, I realize there is such a thing as competition going on.
Sony is certainly no different than the majority of manufacturers who keep
their developmental projects confidential.  So if you say no more about the
subject until the official unveiling, fair enough, but I hope that won't stop
you from chiming in about everything else!

Best regards,
Christopher Bacon

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