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RE: Sony telecine


Re: "Sony Multi Resolution Telecine".

With DTV upon us, telecines will undoubtably have to work in all 18 formats
outlined in Table 3 of the FCC - Grand Alliance Standard. That includes
SDTV through HDTV, and frame rates of 24, 30, and 60, both Interlaced and
Progressive. As you know film at 24 frames per second (fps) is now
progressively scaned and output as 30 frames interlace. Imagine a transfer
at the frame rate the DP chooses. Flicker? There will be NO flicker as a 24
fps image will be displayed at 72 or more fps in the display device. Old
sets with a set-top box will still display as 30 frame 60 fields with 3:2
pulldown. Sony,s Larry Thorpe said at the Society of Television Engineers
(STE) that they will be promoting E-Cinema (24 fps progressive, 16x9 aspect
ratio SdTV through HDTV) next year. So maybe thats what "Multi Resolution
Telecine" means. The BTS Spirit will do this now if you have, as I
understand, the right circuit boards.

Jim Mendrala
Real Image Technology, Inc

Stuart Monksfield of Sony Australia, in writing that he is going to keep
quiet in future, mentioned the "...Sony Multi Resolution Telecine...".
Multi resolution? Have I missed a step here? Didn't it used to be a high
definition telecine?

Stuart: can we beg you to break your silence?

Dick Hobbs

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