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Scheduler Available

Fellow TIG subscribers:

One of the best post production schedulers in town, Mary Anne Duron, is
available for employment in the Los Angeles area.  Mary Anne is a
veteran of post production scheduling with over 20 years of experience,
including 10 years as a head scheduler, and 6 years as a scheduling
supervisor and department manager.  She is experienced in all areas
including telecine, on-line/non-linear editing, and graphics, for both
short and long format clients, and  she is experienced with the Xymox
system.  Some of the companies she has worked for include Varitel/LA,
Laser-Pacific/Burbank, Compact Video (now part of 4MC), Editel/LA, and
NBC Burbank.  She can be reached at 818-990-6709.

Phil Voss

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