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Monitors again

Can I get some feedback from the group on the grey scale tracking accuracy
of color monitors?  We use 2 different brands of broadcast color monitors
here which I will call A and B.  Both types are calibrated at 30 and 80 IRE
for D6500 coordinates (x = 313, y = 329).  Type A tends to go slightly
Greenish in the midtones and type B tends to go slightly Blueish.  Putting
these two different make monitors in the same room side by side is a
calibration nightmare as they have different mid tone tracking
characteristics.  There are no midtone tweeks in any monitor I'm familiar
with unless you modify them.  Does anyone have any similar experiences with
any make? (names don't have to be used on the public forum).  What is an
acceptable amount of deviation away from D6500 for the full tonal scale
from dark to light on a monitor display?  How do you deal with the
extremely difficult setup of Hi-Res Graphics monitors which are a whole lot
less user friendly than broadcast monitors?


PS---Standard disclaimer---I don't work for any monitor manufacturers and
haven't got any grudges, I'm just trying to see if other TIG-ers have
similar headaches in this area.


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