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Re: Monitors again

Hello and happy new year to all. Since I last chatted with you all it was
about film cleaning, new fluids, new designs and stuff like that. Well for
different reasons I have moved out of that arena mostly due to the fact that
there is a "standard" in that niche, and it is was pretty hard to go up
against them. Anyway, Daves' question opens the door for me to share with you
what I am doing these days. I am the regional manager at Quantum Data. We
manufacture Video Test Generators.Utilized in the manufacturing, testing, and
quality control for monitors and displays (Image and Data) industry, working
with CRT manufacturers, High-Resolution Displays manufacturers, and the like.
I have recently visited Zenith at their HDTV R/D Center, and so on. Many of
our clients are Sony, Philips, etc.
We currently have 1 model that would be available for the post-production
community. It is called the 801GX. This has NTSC and PAL capabilities. It is
loaded with over a hundred test images and over 60 different timing formats
that come directly from the manufacturers so that you can put a known signal
pattern or image timed to the exact resolution of the monitor and calibrate
and standardize monitors to exact factory specifications. I can be reached at
bsawyer at quantumdata.com check out our webpage ( quantumdata.com) and feel free
to call me at 847-888-0450 xt 122 I will be happy to answer all questions.
Be well all. 
Brett Sawyer

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