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Re: Multiformat Telecines

I feel that it is worth pointing out just how pertinent Steve Russells points
about the differences in concept between the proposed Sony telecine and the
Spirit are. The use of an area CCD (or three, presumably) seems like a very
limiting decision, as it effectively prevents the use of  the Sony for high
quality data scans. I'm sure that this is, however, precisely the point. If
the Sony was being designed as a competitor to the Spirit, then fixing frame
resolution at 1920x1080 would make no sense at all. If, however, the intention
is to capture the bulk of future telecine work and be installed in the kind of
facilities that currently operate four or more URSA's or Quadra's, it makes a
great deal of sense.

MTF theory indicates that increasing the resolution at the front end of a
telecine/scanner will benefit quality all the way down the line, and make a
visible differnce no matter what the eventual video standard is going to be.
Therefore, everything else being equal (and Transformania shows how unlikely
that is to be the case), the Spirit will always produce a better final image.
Equally, studies conducted by Quantel on their Domino scanner show that the
difference between a 1500 and a 3000 pixel scan is minimal, and that between a
3000 and 4000 pixel scan almost irrelevant. I would surmise that Sony could
improve on the (overall) performance of the Spirit by fixing at 1920x1080 and
focussing on other parameters - like film stability and, most usefully
perhaps, bit depth. I very much doubt that the Sony will have the kind of
versatility of an URSA Diamond - but as a way of getting standard aspect
(1.85?) 35mm onto HDTV I would expect it to be peerless.

I'm only guessing, of course, but extrapolating from what's been posted on the
TIG so far leads me to conclude that this must be what Sony's up to.

Disclaimer: I don't work for any of the above mentioned (but if anyone wants
to make me an offer...).

yours sincerely

Adrian Thomas

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