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RE: The history of 29.94

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> The lurking audio geek takes off his headphones for a moment...
This also reminds me of the way that 1920 was derived as the pixel count for
the SMPTE274M and Rec 709 HDTV standards (1920 by 1080).

If you assume an average 40 hour working week and 52 weeks per year, you
arrive at a nominal 2080 hours in the working year.  Subtracting the nominal
number of hours typically granted in the US for sick time and national
holidays (10 days total at 8 hours per day) gives 2000 productive hours per

Subtracting another 10 days as the nominally allotted vacation time (10 days
at 8 hours per day) gives 1920 hours as the annual "production aperture" for
the average American worker.

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