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RE: Re: 6-perf on Spirit?

Jim Mendrala wrote:
>There isn't any releases in VistaVision anymore.<deletia>

Yes, but effects are done in the VistaVision format, because it has proven
itself as an excellent medium for compositing.  After all, film is probably
the ultimate universal high resolution format.  

IMAX uses 70mm film, and they do electronic lab type dailies (probably still
at Crest). There is also quite a library of 65mm, and 70mm films that
studios have expressed interest in transferring. 
> How many telecines can handle 70mm prints or 65mm negs?

I know of only two telecine facilities that handle this format on a regular
basis.  Crest and (I believe) HTV can do this type of work (BTW,  I have no
affilation with either). 
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