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To All On the TIG:

In order to better respond to the comments and inquires of the postings
on the TIG please include more than just your E-Mail address and perhaps
a first name.

Please include your full name, title or job description, Company and
City, State and Country.  Also in addition to an E-Mail address a phone
and Fax number if you desire.

This really helps to better comment and answer to know the above facts.
In other words, "to know where you are coming from"

A great example of this type of "sign off" is regular contributor-Dave
Corbitt.  Take a look.


Bill Hogan    bhogan at sprocketdig.com	v.818-566-7700
Sprocket Digital	Burbank,CA		f.818-566-4477

Tube Enhancement Inc. supports the TIG in 1998.
No product marketing allowed on the main TIG.  Contact rob at alegria.com
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