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Re: Identification

On Feb 15, 20:11, Bill Hogan wrote:
} Subject: Identification

> Please include your full name, title or job description, Company and
> City, State and Country.  Also in addition to an E-Mail address a phone
> and Fax number if you desire.

Bill, this is good advice and everyone will be better off if we do
identify ourselves.  

Picture the TIG as a large auditorium, seating 1000 fellow
professionals.  Now picture yourself getting up in front of everyone
to say a few words.. your speech will have much more significance if
everyone knows who you are; if you remain unidentified, many will turn a
deaf ear... ("who is that guy/gal?"  "is that the disgruntled coach of
the Rwandan Olympic ice-carving team?")

However, some internet service providers allow for anonymity (AOL for
example).  In the old days, before AOL and Microsoft arrived, internet
mail user agents, most running on Unix systems, included in the From:
header of every outgoing mail message the GECOS field of the passwd
file, which usually contained the sender's (login's) realname, thus
avoiding ambiguity.  (my mail user agent still does this; if your mail
agent allows, take a look at the From: header on this message).

Anonymity as a concept is inappropriate on the TIG.

--Rob Lingelbach
TIG administrator

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