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Re: 6-perf on Spirit?


The film makers use anything to capture the images. VistaVision included.
But, except for a very few venues, the theaters are only equipped with
standard 4 perf 35mm or 5 perf 70mm projectors. So movies shot in the
VistaVision format would by necessity be printed onto 35mm 4 perf or 70mm
for release. 

VistaVision format works great when doing optical composites on an optical
printer. It has a much larger image. Cineon can scan it to a digital data
file because it is still on 35mm film and the computer can rotates the
image 90 degrees for correct viewing. 

I don't recall anyone ever transfering from the VistaVision format to tape

Jim Mendrala
Real Image Technology, Inc.

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