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Re: a weird cinematography question for the TIG

Kurt Rauf writes
>      I am a DP working in the American Southwest. It's been great reading
>TIG posts. I have a question for the members.
>      I would like to shoot some 35mm still film.

     The First Problem is that still film uses a different kind of film
aperture than movie film.  As you look at a typical still, 8 perfs run
horizontally across the top & bottom of the picture area.  In movie film, 4
perfs are at the side of the picture and ordinarily the picture is composed
off to one side to allow for the soundtrack (academy aperture).  The easy
way to get around this would be to use a "half-frame" 35mm camera like
Olympus used to market.  Otherwise, negs from a standard camera can be
placed in slide mounts.

 Is it possible to transfer
>this 36 exposure piece of film or should I shoot a 250 exposure roll.

Unless you're shooting half frame, the neg from your still camera can't work
on an ordinary telecine.  Even then, you'd still need a telecine with a gate
capable of full-aperture 35mm.

What is
>the best way to transfer "still" negatives?  We would be editing all the
>frames together in a collage. Will I have registration problems in the

Generally, the negs are delicately placed in slide mounts.  Registration
would have to be accomplished by lining up every frame with a reference from
a still store.

Good luck, Kurt, and I hope this was of some help!

Bob Lovejoy
Shooters Post and Transfer

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