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Re: anonymity (sign posts)

>There are a few cases where this is not in the best interests of the
>posting subscriber, and I'd like to say that this shouldn't deter
>anyone from posting.

There's another type of issue to consider:  some people belong to more than
one mailing list and what might be appropriate for one isn't necessarily for
the others.

For example, I own a small company that manufactures devices for
remote-controlled model airplanes, as such I belong to a couple of mailing
lists on the subject.  In that context my work at Hollywood Digital as a
Telecine Engineer, their phone number or any other info is not relevant,
necessary or even appropriate.

More often than not I will read TIG postings at work but wait until I get
home and have some free time to reply/contribute.  Switching signatures
would be a pain if not darn near impossible (in practical terms) with some

What is needed is a version of "filtering" that allows you to say something
like:  if a message is going to the following recipients use this signature,
else, use that one, etc, etc.  Does this exist?

;   --------------------------------------------
;   Martin Euredjian
;   Telecine Engineer
;   Hollywood Digital, CA, USA
;   tel: (213) 465-0101
;   martin at hollydig.com
;   --------------------------------------------

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