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Colour Vision

Dear All,

I have often wondered, when reading about (subjective) film and monitor
colourimetry on the TIG, how many colourists out there have ever taken - as
adults - some form of colour vision test. I would assume that it would be
pretty intolerable to work as a colourist if you did, in fact, have some kind
of colour vision deficiency, but it would be illuminating to see if colourists
were abnormaly good. The Ishihara test, in particular, can show subjects who
have superior colour vision while the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test could
potentially show a subject to have the colour vision equivalent of musical
'perfect pitch'.

I, myself, took several colour vision tests as part of my degree course, and
the results are extremely informative on a personal level.

Adrian Thomas
London, UK

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