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Re: NTSC Legalacy Formats

> The practice in broadcast is to turn off the subcarrier burst when a
> monochrome picture such as an old movie is being transmitted.  This causes
> color TV sets to revert to monochrome mode so you don't see false colors
> running through the image.

	That was the case many years ago but after a few color commercials
 that aired during monochrome shows went out (without the burst being restored
- it used to be a manual process) that practice ended. Now the general practice
is to have a proc before the exciter to ensure stable sync/burst and legal
levels. Most VTRs work better with burst also - many TBCs have lock problems
when the vtr is playing back a tape without burst. That used to cause us
headaches at HBO  because Cinemax had so many classic B&W features and the
TBC-2b's were finicky.

Rich Torpey

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