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Re: Colour Vision

Atomic4567 at aol.com wrote:

>  I would assume that it would be
> pretty intolerable to work as a colourist if you did, in fact, have some kind
> of colour vision deficiency, but it would be illuminating to see if colourists
> were abnormaly good.


I'm all for this mandatory testing of colorists. Perhaps we could even establish a
rating system where the higher scored colorists were compensated accordingly. It
would only be a matter of time where through selective hiring, all impaired
colorists would be reassigned to duplication positions where they belong. At this
point there would be the aryan nation of perfect colorists being led by one man.

Here's a better idea...lets clients have our clients tested for color acuity
before they enter the session. This way the colorist can weight their comments

All in good fun,

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